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docker.png In this tutorial we will see the deployment of a Docker environment on the Public Cloud with Traefik as reverse proxy and Portainer for a web interface.

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Traefik is an edge proxy and load-balancer allowing to deploy mainly containers (microservices). It is free and open source.

Traefik will be installed upstream of our network (edge router) and will intercept requests on the ports we want, for example port 80, 443, 22... these are what we call entrypoints. Then Traefik will forward these requests to routers, which will check if they should route the request or not. For example, if in the header of the HTTP request there is the domain name "api.domain", then in this case the router will forward the request to the corresponding service.

Traefik Documentation Traefik Website



Portainer is a lightweight open source management interface for your dockers, Swarm clusters and Kubernetes. It allows you to manage a good part of docker elements: containers, images, volumes, networks, users, etc.

Portainer Documentation Portainer Website