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Alternative Dashboards


Alternative Dashboards are not provide by Infomaniak. Not all features present in Horizon are guaranteed in the alternative dashboards. In case of problems, please refer to the documentation of the different projects.

Mist is a dashboard provide by Inc. This guide d├ętail how to connect Infomaniak Public Cloud Plateform with Mist CE.


This guide assume you already have a running instance of mist CE.

To add Infomaniak Public Cloud on mist go to your dashboard and click on Cloud icon on the top of left.

Mist Panel 1

Then click on + icon on the right bottom corner.

Mist Panel 2

In the new windows go to private cloud section ans select OpenStack

Mist Panel 3

Complete the form like the example bellow (All information are contain in openrc file) and click on Add Cloud button.

Mist Panel 4

After credentials and configuration validation your dashboard will automatically refreshing with your Public Cloud data

Mist Panel 4