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Keypairs (SSH keys)

A keypair is basically a ssh key allowing you to login to your Linux instance


Keypairs have to be created before instances creation, and associated during the instance creation process.

Using your existing SSH key

Assuming your existing ssh public key is located at ~/.ssh/

Import it using the following command:

taylor@laptop:~$ openstack keypair create --public-key ~/.ssh/ my_keypair
| Field       | Value                                           |
| fingerprint | 53:c0:03:5f:27:6f:c2:66:b4:e4:f3:26:e0:f8:82:4a |
| name        | my_keypair                                      |
| user_id     | b1580497f51e4d10b9110c60c154562c                |


  • Name your keypair and import your public key


$ ssh -i ~/.ssh/ ~/.ssh/ssh_my_rsa_key *adminuser*@my-instance-name

Using a new keypair

A new keypair can also be created for use, such as with a dedicated service account or daemon.

$ openstack keypair create my_keypair > ~/.ssh/my_keypair
$ chmod 600 ~/.ssh/my_keypair

The private key is saved to ~/.ssh/robotkey and can then be used for instance creation (using the --key-pair argument on the command line) and for ssh using


  • Name your keypair and click on Create Key Pair


  • Your keypair has been downloaded
$ ssh -i ~/.ssh/my_keypair *adminuser*@my-instance-name