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When A VM creation failed there's nothing you can do to "fix" the VM. Check the reason of the failure using the command openstack server show <vm_id or vm_name> then delete your VM and create a new one.

Can't connect to newly created VMs

Ensure the port 22 is authorised. You can open it this way assuming you use the default security group. More info about security groups.

openstack security group rule create --ingress --protocol tcp --dst-port 22 --ethertype IPv4 default

In case of a Windows machine, ensure the RDP port is open.

Error Messages


Build of instance aca5ba87-80d5-4d6a-9af3-efa7fc62504f aborted: Failed to allocate the network(s) with error No fixed IP addresses available for network: 58174567-16ad-4fae-bdef-8b58258e0a06, not rescheduling.

Your VM couldn't be created because there's no more IP available on the network ID you seleted (58174567-16ad-4fae-bdef-8b58258e0a06). Delete your VM and recreate it using after releasing an IP on the targetted network or using another network.


Image e7dd3ac1-89ac-47e9-8594-1f7c8c361991 could not be found.

The image with id e7dd3ac1-89ac-47e9-8594-1f7c8c361991 is no longer available. You can list available images using openstack image list. In case of VM creation, delete the VM in error and create another one with an image from the list.