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WordPress : High Available, auto scalable, databases replication, SSL and SFTP

Create a High Available and scalabale WordPress blog with SSL, databases replication and access SFTP to storage server.



WordPress is one of the most famous and widespread CMS for website creation. It has many themes but also hundreds of extensions.

Here we will see the installation of a simple instance of WordPress. The database will be integrated to the same instance as WordPress and we will add SSL support with certbot.

WordPress Website WordPress Documentation



There are four kinds of nodes:

  • Storage node : This node is used to store WordPress data, access it in SFTP and generate the Let's Encrypt certificate with Certbot.

  • Database nodes : In this setup there's two nodes hosting the databases : one master and one slave with replication.

  • Web nodes : The web nodes run Apache and serve HTTPS requests. They connect to the database node. The number of web nodes depends on the CPU usage and may vary from 1 to 3 nodes.

The nodes increase or decrease when CPU usage is above 60% or below 30%.

  • Load Balancer nodes : These nodes run haproxy and redirect the traffic to the web node(s). They are highly available, act as Active/Passive and manage the public IP.