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Naming across cloud providers

Concept / Resource Amazon Web Services (AWS) Microsoft Azure Infomaniak / OpenStack
Project / Tenant AWS Account Azure Subscription Project (or Tenant)
User IAM User Azure Active Directory User User
Role IAM Role Azure Role Role
Security Group Security Group Network Security Group Security Group
Virtual Network VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) Virtual Network (VNet) Network
Subnet Subnet Subnet Subnet
Router Route Table Route Table Router
Network Interface ENI (Elastic Network Interface) Network Interface Card (NIC) Port
Floating IP Address Elastic IP Public IP Address Floating IP
Image AMI (Amazon Machine Image) Azure VM Image Image
Instance EC2 Instance Virtual Machine Instance (or Server)
Auto Scaling Group Auto Scaling Group Virtual Machine Scale Set Auto Scaling Group
Object Storage S3 (Simple Storage Service) Blob Storage Swift
Block Storage EBS (Elastic Block Store) Managed Disk Cinder
Monitoring and Alarming CloudWatch Azure Monitor Ceilometer / Aodh
DNS Service Route 53 Azure DNS Designate
Load Balancer ELB (Elastic Load Balancing) Azure Load Balancer Octavia
Container Service ECS (Elastic Container Service) / EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) Magnum (not available)
Message Queue SQS (Simple Queue Service) Azure Queue Storage Zaqar (not available)
Database RDS (Relational Database Service) Azure SQL Database Trove (not available)


Action Command
List images openstack image list
Show image details openstack image show <image ID>
Create image openstack image create --disk-format qcow2 --file <file path> <image name>
Update image openstack image set <key> <value> <image ID>
Delete image openstack image delete <image ID>


Action Command
List flavors openstack flavor list
Show flavor details openstack flavor show <flavor ID>


Action Command
List networks openstack network list
Show network details openstack network show <network ID>
 Create network   openstack network create <network name> 
 Update network   openstack network set <key> <value> <network ID> 
 Delete network   openstack network delete <network ID> 


Action Command
List subnets openstack subnet list
Show subnet details openstack subnet show <subnet ID>
 Create subnet  openstack subnet create --network <network ID> --subnet-range <subnet CIDR> <subnet name> 
 Update network   openstack subnet set <key> <value> <subnet ID> 
 Delete network   openstack subnet delete <subnet ID> 


Action Command
List Routers openstack router list
Show router details openstack router show <router ID>
 Create router  openstack router create <router name> 
 Update router  openstack router set <key> <value> <router ID> 
 Attach subnet to router   openstack router add subnet <router ID> <subnet ID> 
 Detach subnet from router   openstack router remove subnet <router ID> <subnet ID> 
 Delete router  openstack router delete <router ID> 

Security groups

Action Command
List security groups openstack security group list
Show security group details openstack security group show <security group ID>
 Create security group  openstack security group create <security group name> 
 Update security group  openstack security group set <key> <value> <security group ID> 
 List rules in the security group   openstack security group rule list <security group ID> 
 Add rule to the security group   openstack security group rule create <key> <value> <security group ID> 
 Delete rule from the security group   openstack security group rule delete <rule ID> 
 Delete security group  openstack security group delete <security group ID> 

Key pairs

Action Command
List key pairs openstack key pairs list
Show key pairs details openstack key pairs show <key pairs ID>
 Create key pairs  openstack keypair create --private-key <file path> <key pair name> 
 Delete key pair  openstack key pair delete <key pair ID> 


Action Command
List instances openstack server list
Show instance details openstack server show <instance ID>
 Create instance  openstack server create --flavor <flavor name> --image <image ID> --network <network ID> --key-name <key pair name> <instance name> 
 Update instance  openstack server set <key> <value> <instance ID> 
 Delete instance  openstack server delete <instance ID> 

Floating IPs

Action Command
List floating IPs openstack floating ip list
 Create floating IP   openstack floating ip create <network ID> 
 Attach floating IP to instance   openstack server add floating ip <instance ID> <floating IP ID> 
 Detach floating IP from instance   openstack server remove floating ip <instance ID> <floating IP ID> 
 Delete floating IP   openstack floating ip delete <floating IP ID> 


Action Command
 List volumes   openstack volume list 
 Show volume details   openstack volume show <volume ID> 
 Create volume   openstack volume create --size <size [GB]> <volume name> 
 Update volume   openstack volume set <key> <value> <volume ID> 
 Attach the volume to the instance   openstack server add volume <instance ID> <volume ID> 
 Detach the volume from the instance   openstack server remove volume <instance ID> <volume ID> 
 Delete volume   openstack volume delete <volume ID> 


Action Command
 List default quotas   openstack quota show --default 
 List project quotas   openstack quota show <project ID>