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Action Command
List images openstack image list
Show image details openstack image show <image ID>
Create image openstack image create --disk-format qcow2 --file <file path> <image name>
Update image openstack image set <key> <value> <image ID>
Delete image openstack image delete <image ID>


Action Command
List flavors openstack flavor list
Show flavor details openstack flavor show <flavor ID>


Action Command
List networks openstack network list
Show network details openstack network show <network ID>
 Create network   openstack network create <network name> 
 Update network   openstack network set <key> <value> <network ID> 
 Delete network   openstack network delete <network ID> 


Action Command
List subnets openstack subnet list
Show subnet details openstack subnet show <subnet ID>
 Create subnet  openstack subnet create --network <network ID> --subnet-range <subnet CIDR> <subnet name> 
 Update network   openstack subnet set <key> <value> <subnet ID> 
 Delete network   openstack subnet delete <subnet ID> 


Action Command
List Routers openstack router list
Show router details openstack router show <router ID>
 Create router  openstack router create <router name> 
 Update router  openstack router set <key> <value> <router ID> 
 Attach subnet to router   openstack router add subnet <router ID> <subnet ID> 
 Detach subnet from router   openstack router remove subnet <router ID> <subnet ID> 
 Delete router  openstack router delete <router ID> 

Security groups

Action Command
List security groups openstack security group list
Show security group details openstack security group show <security group ID>
 Create security group  openstack security group create <security group name> 
 Update security group  openstack security group set <key> <value> <security group ID> 
 List rules in the security group   openstack security group rule list <security group ID> 
 Add rule to the security group   openstack security group rule create <key> <value> <security group ID> 
 Delete rule from the security group   openstack security group rule delete <rule ID> 
 Delete security group  openstack security group delete <security group ID> 

Key pairs

Action Command
List key pairs openstack key pairs list
Show key pairs details openstack key pairs show <key pairs ID>
 Create key pairs  openstack keypair create --private-key <file path> <key pair name> 
 Delete key pair  openstack key pair delete <key pair ID> 


Action Command
List instances openstack server list
Show instance details openstack server show <instance ID>
 Create instance  openstack server create --flavor <flavor name> --image <image ID> --network <network ID> --key-name <key pair name> <instance name> 
 Update instance  openstack server set <key> <value> <instance ID> 
 Delete instance  openstack server delete <instance ID> 

Floating IPs

Action Command
List floating IPs openstack floating ip list
 Create floating IP   openstack floating ip create <network ID> 
 Attach floating IP to instance   openstack server add floating ip <instance ID> <floating IP ID> 
 Detach floating IP from instance   openstack server remove floating ip <instance ID> <floating IP ID> 
 Delete floating IP   openstack floating ip delete <floating IP ID> 


Action Command
 List volumes   openstack volume list 
 Show volume details   openstack volume show <volume ID> 
 Create volume   openstack volume create --size <size [GB]> <volume name> 
 Update volume   openstack volume set <key> <value> <volume ID> 
 Attach the volume to the instance   openstack server add volume <instance ID> <volume ID> 
 Detach the volume from the instance   openstack server remove volume <instance ID> <volume ID> 
 Delete volume   openstack volume delete <volume ID> 


Action Command
 List default quotas   openstack quota show --default 
 List project quotas   openstack quota show <project ID>