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You can set ACL on your containers to share some objects with other projects, or set them public. By default all containers are private.

Public access (read)

To set a container available without authentication (public) you need to add read acls:

taylor@laptop:~ (pub1|taylor)$ swift post -r '.r:*,.rlistings' public

We can verify acls with stat command:

taylor@laptop:~ (pub1|taylor)$ swift stat --lh public
                  Account: AUTH_f3bf1cfd60fd405dae6a4392c8a91746
                Container: public
                  Objects: 1
                    Bytes: 8.7M
                 Read ACL: .r:*,.rlistings
                Write ACL:

You can now access to your objects without authentication, and also list files into your container:

$ curl ""
eBooks/Cuisine/Les Crêpes du Monde.pdf