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Features and Services available

The features/commands below have been tested on the Infomaniak Openstack Public Cloud. In case of error submit a ticket.

Other features might work but haven't been tested, the way around is also true. To get a full list of Openstack features refer to the offical Openstack documentation.


To list the catalog of features available in the infomaniak Openstack Public Cloud use this command :

openstack catalog list

Commands supported and tested

openstack availability zone list [--compute|--volume|--network]
openstack catalog list
openstack image add project
openstack image create --file
openstack image list --community
openstack image save
openstack orchestration resource type list
openstack orchestration resource type show OS::Nova::Server
openstack quota show
openstack server add volume
openstack server create
openstack server create --availability-zone
openstack server create --image
openstack server delete
openstack server image create
openstack security group create 
openstack security group rule create 
openstack security group rule list
openstack server add security group
openstack server group create --policy <policy> <name>
openstack server group list
openstack server group show
openstack server group delete
openstack server migrate
openstack server pause
openstack server rescue
openstack server resize
openstack server resume
openstack server shelve
openstack server start
openstack server stop
openstack server suspend
openstack server unpause
openstack server unrescue
openstack usage show
openstack server unshelve
openstack volume backup create
openstack volume create
openstack volume create --snapshot --size 
openstack volume create --size 50 --image ...
openstack volume delete
openstack volume list
openstack volume set --size
openstack volume set --type ceph_1_perf2 --retype-policy on-demand
openstack volume show
openstack volume snapshot create --volume
openstack volume snapshot delete
openstack volume snapshot list
openstack volume transfer request accept --auth-key
openstack volume transfer request create
openstack volume transfer request list
openstack volume type list

Commands not supported yet

There are certainly some...

Commands requiring admin privileges (Reserved to infomaniak)

openstack role list
openstack project create
openstack volume set --state available
openstack usage list
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