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object-storage.png Swift is an object-based, redundant and scalable data storage system. Files are written to multiple hard disks distributed across multiple servers in a datacenter. It ensures data replication and integrity within the cluster.

Main features

  • Guarantees data availability, durability and consistency
  • Ideal for storing "unstructured" data that can grow without limit
  • Swift allows files to be sent via the dashboard or via an API
  • Files are contained in containers
  • The upload is limited to :
    • 5Gb per file via the dashboard
    • 50Tb via API (multi-threading DLO/SLO)
  • The name of each container must be unique in each project
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Swift cannot be used to install an operating system or a database
  • If a file upload is successful it returns an HTTP 200 code
  • By default containers are private
    • Possibility to make a container public

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